September 2, 2021


Online conference for SaaS companies
from Emerging Europe, Finland & Israel
SUMMERSAAS in a nutshell
We strive to deliver an exceptional event for
the early-stage venture & SaaS communities
5 tracks
We cover Vertical SaaS, Horizontal SaaS, edTech, Healthcare technologies, New Economy tech
20+ investors
Top-tier seed investors from Israel, CEE, Baltics, Finland, CIS, and Greece
25 startups
Rising SaaS companies
in swiftly growing
technology verticals
500+ guests
Hundreds of executives and tech professionals across Emerging Europe and Israel
SUMMER.SAAS is an online event for seed stage SaaS companies
from Emerging Europe, Finland and Israel.

The competition is aimed to identify top seed companies and give them
an opportunity to pitch top-tier seed and late-seed funds.

The event is hosted by Flashpoint, an alternative asset manager investing
in late-seed and beyond from a variety of tailored products:
early-stage capital, venture debt and secondary funds.
How it works
Pre-selection process
Flashpoint team identifies 5 SaaS companies per technology track within seed & late-seed stage maturity parameters*

*MRR between $10k and $100k and/or raised between $0.3m and $3m
Pre-Final VC panel
A selected group of 25 startups will present before a VC panel with 1 winner from each track progressing to final
Grand Finale VC panel
A selected group of 5 finalists will present before a Grand Finale VC Panel to select the best SaaS pitch
Winner Announcement
The winner is awarded with sponsor prizes from Flashpoint portfolio companies and leading technology enterprises
Our 2021 VC Panel
Unique opportunity for founders to present
to a diverse group of venture capitalists
from Emerging Europe & Israel
George Robson
Alex Konoplyasty
John Curtius
Natalie Refuah
Sandeep Bakshi
Head of Investments (Europe)
Prosus Ventures
Gigi Levy-Weiss
General Partner
Emanuel Timor
General Partner
Vertex Ventures Israel
Lotan Levkowitz
General Partner
Grove Ventures
Hussein Kanji
Todor Breshkov
Managing Partner
Launchub Ventures
Julien Coustaury
Founding Partner
Fil Rouge Capital
Zsolt Weiszbart
Dmitry Baburin
Enis Hulli
General Partner
500 Startups
Hanan Brand
Jan Kobler
Managing Partner
South Central Ventures
Elina Halatcheva
Managing Partner
Brightcap Ventures
Max Gurvits
General Partner
Vitosha Venture Partners
Dan Călugăreanu
Adam Niewinski
General Partner
OTB Ventures
Marcin Kurek
Managing Partner
Market One Capital
Aleski Partanen
General Partner
Apostolos Apostolakis
Maciej Małysz
Michal Zalesak
Managing Partner
Lighthouse Ventures

Eduard Mika
Sakari Pihlava
General Partner
Vendep Capital
Ondrej Bartos
General Partner
Credo Ventures
Marcin Szelag
Markus Lang
Aurel Pasztor
Eva Arh
Vladimir Mnogoletniy
Andris K. Berzins
Managing Partner
Change Ventures
Stanislav Ivanov
Founding Partner
Tera Ventures
Dmitry Kalaev
Filip Felician Dames
Founding Partner
Cherry Ventures
Dmitry Galperin
Runa Capital
Michal Rokosz
Vital Laptenok
General Partner
Genesis Investments
Nir Adler
General Partner
State of Mind Ventures
Sergey Kolesov
Impulse VC
Limor Ganot
Managing Partner
Gefen Capital
Maya Pizov
Pirkka Palomäki
Tal Slobodkin
Managing partner
StageOne VC
Lisya Bahar Manoah
Senior Partner
Join us on September 2nd, 2021
Online pitch competition for seed-stage SaaS start-ups
2 September 2021 / Thursday
all time is BST / London
09:45 – 10:00
Opening Remarks
Alex Konoplyasty, General Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital
10:00 – 10:45
Pitch Session I: VERTICAL AI
Ondrej Bartos, Managing Partner at Credo Ventures
Eduard Mika, Partner at Reflex Capital
Dmitry Galperin, General Partner at Runa Capital
Vitaly Laptenok, General Partner at Genesis
Sakari Pihlava, General Partner at Vendep Capital

15-minute break
12:00 - 12:45
12:00 - 12:15
Panel Discussion:
Insights by the founder of Chili Piper
Nicolas Vandenberghe
Pitch Session III: HEALTH TECH
13:00 - 13:45
Hussein Kanji, Partner at Hoxton Ventures
Pirkka Palomäki, Managing Partner at
Michał Rokosz, Partner at Inovo Venture Partners
Zsolt Weiszbart, Partner at DayOne Capital
Max Gurvits, Managing Partner at Vitosha Venture Partners
Elina Halatcheva, Managing Partner at Brightcap Ventures
Apostolos Apostolakis, Partner at VentureFriends
Lisya Bahar Manoah, Partner at Catalyst

15-minute break
Marcin Kurek, Managing Partner at Market One Capital
Dan Călugăreanu, Partner at EarlyGame Ventures
Julien Coustaury, Managing Partner at Fil Rouge
Aurél Pásztor, Partner at Portfolion
Eva Arh, General Partner at 3VC
Dmitry Baburin, Partner at BVCP
Dmitry Kalaev, Partner at IIDF

15-minute break
12:30 - 13:00
Panel Discussion:
Company set-up enabling secondary liquidity
Should future secondary liquidity be on the founders' minds early on? What can the company do to enable secondary liquidity?
What are the pros and cons?
Considerations around primary vs secondary transactions and other topics relating to secondary liquidity to be discussed.

13:00 - 13:30
Panel Discussion: Demystifying Venture Debt
As Venture Debt is a relatively new product to Flashpoint's geography, we continue with our mission to educate the market on the attractiveness of debt capital for technology companies.
13:30 - 14:00
Panel Discussion: Latham & Watkins
Exits through SPACs
14:00 - 14:30
Panel Discussion: Technologization of
Venture Capital
Until what point can tools assist VC decision making?
Workflows for modern venture investors have become so complex, with so much data to review and so many dots to connect, that we need specialized tools and utilities to perform at our best.
14:00 - 14:45
Lotan Levkowitz, General Partner at Grove ventures
Filip Dames, Partner at Cherry Ventures
Adam Niewinski, Managing Partner at OTB Ventures
Michal Zálešák, Managing Partner at Lighthouse Ventures
Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures
Stanislav Ivanov, Founding Partner at Tera Ventures
Sergey Kolesov, Partner at Impulse VC
Maya Pizov, Partner at Amiti Ventures

15-minute break
Pitch Session V:
Demystifying Venture Debt panel aims to bring together various stakeholders to a venture debt investment transaction, including a company, a VC, a venture debt fund itself as well as a legal representative to get a 360 degree overview of the product and demystify some of the most common misconceptions about venture debt
Modern VC firms are becoming technology companies of their own, integrating different tools into complex workflows and even building their own internal solutions. We will discuss what challenges are hidden under the hood of this process, what are the demands of VCs and what direction should we move forward.
Michael Szalontay, Flashpoint VC
Mike Turner, Latham & Watkins
Cem Sertoglu, Earlybird
Scott Simpkin, Seedrs
Cankut Durgun, Marti Tech
Donatella Callegaris, Flashpoint VC
Haim Zaltzman, Latham & Watkins
Olga Kotsur, Mercaux
Inka Mero, Voima Ventures
J. David Stewart, partner at Latham & Watkins
Christopher Horton, partner at Latham & Watkins
Oleg Bibgergan, Managing Partner at Kismet Capital Group
Daniil Kuzovkin, Flashpoint VC
Amanda Jones Floyd, Inreach
Gigi Levy-Weiss, NFX
Andre Retterath, Earlybird
Alex George, Credo
Shmulik Shelach, IVC
11:30- 12:00
Panel Discussion: Funding funds
post COVID
VC funding was going through the roof before coronavirus and it seems that the virus didn't really stop investors from doing what they do best.
But how did Covid impact the landscape? With Zoom meetings and Hopin events taking over, will things ever go back to normal?
With less meetings happening physically, did the speed of investing increase as well? Tune in to find out more!
Ali Ufuk Demirci, Partner at IFC
Dillon Yeh, Analyst at Asante Capital Group LLP
Bjorn Tremmerie, Head of VC and Impact Investing, EIF
12:15 - 12:30

Panel Discussion:
Insights on key considerations for Fund Managers when changing their fund administrator
Nick McHardy, Head of Funds, Belasko
11:00 - 11:45
Aleksi Partanen, General Partner at Icebreaker
Todor Breshkov, Managing Partner at LAUNCHub Ventures
Marcin Szeląg, Partner at Innovation Nest
Markus Lang, Partner at SpeedInvest
Enis Hulli, Managing Partner at 500 Startups
Andris Berzins, Managing Partner at Change Ventures

15-minute break
15:00- 15:45
SUMMERSAAS: Grand Finale
George Robson, Partner at Sequoia Europe
Alex Konoplyasty, General Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital
Sandeep Bakshi, Head of Investments (Europe) at Prosus Ventures
Natalie Refuah, Partner at Viola Growth
John Curtius, Partner at Tiger Global
16:00 - 16:15


Are you a seed-stage SaaS company from
Emerging Europe, Finland or Israel looking to participate?

Extended application deadline: August 20, 2021 11:59 PM
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2 September 2021
Online competition for SaaS seed companies
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